Capacity Building

REDDAF - Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in Africa

Sustainability through Capacity Building

REDD+ countries are recommended by the UNFCCC to develop a robust and transparent national forest monitoring system for MRV in REDD+. To achieve effective emission reduction due to deforestation and forest degradation, a transfer and implementation of the methodologies in the user communities (countries) will be required. In this respect, the importance of international cooperation to develop and transfer technology to developing country parties has also been stressed by the COP. Capacity building in the REDDAF project thus focuses on transferring the technology to the user community in Central African Republic and Cameroon. The aim is to ensure sustainability of the REDDAF services in the countries and a transfer of REDD+ MRV techniques via training. The training is based on information gleaned from the User Requirements, in which an assessment of the Capacity Building requirements of the users is undertaken.

Training according to User Needs

In the case of CAR, an assessment of the current spatial data handling capacity is carried out and a capacity building strategy for geospatial data application in deforestation and degradation mapping elaborated. In collaboration with the user, potential trainees are identified and their knowledge and level assessed. The training is thus tailored to match the level of the trainees. In Cameroon, the training builds on the experiences of the Cameroon REDD pilot project. The capacity needs range from institutional, technical (hard and software) and human resource needs (quantity and quality) and have to be addressed before a full operational MRV system can be set up.

 REDDAF Training CAR

GPS measurements during training workshop in CAR (Phase 1)

Offer of different Training Modules

The training is conducted via workshops, seminars and on-the-job training to be held in each country. Main training modules in the REDDAF project include:

  • REDD+ MRV workshop;
  • GIS and Remote Sensing training;
  • Biomass field measurements and
  • Ground truthing for satellite image processing.