Expected Results

REDDAFState-of-the-Art EO based Forest Monitoring

The REDDAF project will contribute to the scientific and conceptual understanding of the technical challenges of EO based forest monitoring within REDD, whilst taking note of the most recent developments in the scientific and policy communities. Thus, the REDDAF Project will provide methods and techniques to improve existing service chains in the assessment of activity data and emission factor for greenhouse gas accounting in the REDD process. The R&D activities currently being pursed in the REDDAF project include:

  • Improving EO-based forest mapping methods using multi-sensor, multi-scale EO-data
  • Testing EO Methods for mapping degradation (special focus on degradation due to selective logging)
  • Methods development for direct biomass assessment using RADAR data
  • Analyse drivers of forest deforestation and forest degradation

Latest Thematic Maps

The products that will be delivered to the user community in both countries comprise of:

  • Forest Cover and Forest Cover Change Maps with associated carbon stocks and changes for 1990, 2000 and 2010 in selected administrative areas
  • Forest Degradation Maps in selected Forest Management Systems
  • Above Ground Biomass Maps for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

Operational Service Chains

Beyond this, the project will develop operational service chains which will enable the services and products to be provided at a national scale.

REDDAFTechnology Transfer to User Communities

Associated capacity building and technology transfer activities within the stakeholder community will ensure that the services can be fully integrated into the user environment.