Project Partners

An important aspect of the REDDAF project is the need to have professional expertise in the consortium which combines knowledge on the REDD policy process with the EO technology specific to forest monitoring in Africa. This consortium has both the experience and credentials to effectively provide this combination.

Service Provider

Go to GAF AGGAF AG (Germany) - Consortium leader

GAF AG is globally active and has an international reputation as a competent provider of project design, management and implementation services in the fields of geo-information, satellite remote sensing and spatial IT consultancy to private and public clients. GAF AG was formed in 1985 and has been active over the past 25 years in more than 100 countries throughout Europe, Africa, South-America and Asia. The company currently employs 160 highly skilled staff and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services based on geo-data (e.g. satellite and aerial data, digital elevation models) in the fields of security, agriculture, forestry, environment, infrastructure, geology and land management. GAF AG has also developed its skills to become a leading company in the areas of software development, GIS and database applications, data value-adding services and as a consultant and team manager for technical assistance projects. GAF is a member of the Telespazio Group, a subsidiary of Finmeccanica and Thales.

Go to SIRSSIRS (France)

SIRS is an Earth Observation Service Provider since 1989 with 50 staffs and technical expertise in GIS and Geoprocessing, Image Processing and Orthorectification as well as in Management of large geographical data sets production chains.

Research Partner


Centre for Research and Education in Remote Sensing, created in 1995. The centre is linked to the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III), CNES, CNRS, and IRD, and has a number of teaching staff, researchers, post doc and PhD students of about 90-100. The main tasks of CESBIO are to contribute to the development and promotion of Earth Observation in land applications and carbon and water cycles sciences. CESBIO participates in the definition, development and scientific utilisation of space missions (SMOS, BIOMASS).

Go to Joanneum ResearchJohanneum Research (Austria)

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a professional innovation and technology provider with a track record of 30 years in cutting-edge research at international level. It focuses on applied research and technology development, thus playing a key role in technology and knowledge transfer in Styria. The research services are complemented by expertise in prototype development, project management and consulting. The Research Group for Remote Sensing and Geoinformation as part of the Institute DIGITAL has broad experience in the evaluation and presentation of data from remote sensing and terrestrial monitoring systems. The range extends from optical, thermal and video data to laser scan and SAR data. Solutions and products are offered as value-added 2D/3D data products for use in environmental monitoring, safety and security surveillance, mobile data acquisition and tunnel surveying as well as for robotic systems used in extraterrestrial applications. The Research Group is also involved in the development of geo-information management systems and mobile information systems for tourism applications and disaster control.

REDDAFLaCCEG - Université de Bangui (CAR)

The Laboratory of Climatology, Cartography and Geographical Studies as research laboratory of the Department of Geography at the University of Bangui was created in 1983, with the help of the University of Bordeaux. LaCCEG activities are currently focused on climatology and management of geographic information, i.e. the digital processing of information with a spatial component. As part of the research, the Central African Republic is of particular interest. Parallel to its research and training, the laboratory has developed service provider activities in recent years. As the sole national operator of geomatics, LaCCEG offers its customers geographic maps, geographical studies or training in the field of spatial information.

Expert consultants

Go to mesa consultMesa Consult (Germany)

Founded in 2009 MESAconsult is a private sector consultancy developing solutions focussing on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and ecosystem services. It offers a broad range of consultancy services, project and application development ranging from feasibility assessments of (sub)national mitigation schemes reducing emissions from deforestation, forest degradation, conservation, enhancement of carbon stocks and forest management (REDD+), development of reference emission scenarios, economic and biophysical climate change risks assessments, design of adaptation schemes, evaluation, design and implementation of policy schemes to maintain ecosystem services. Based in Germany and Bolivia MESAconsult develops solutions following international standards (CDM, IPCC, VCS, CCBA, UNIDO) building on state of the art remote sensing, economic and spatial modelling techniques.

Geospatial Technology Group SARL (Cameroon)

GTG is a non-governmental institution in Cameroon with vast experience in natural resource management. The company offers a broad range of geo-information services and applications ranging from inventory of forest resources, forest cover mapping, to capacity building on remote sensing, image processing and interpretation and geographic information systems (GIS) applications in natural resources management. Following request from its increasing number of customers, GTG has engage in the development of computer based software solutions for field data collection, spatial analysis etc. The company is increasingly developing expertise, experiences and valuable contacts within the public and the private sectors within the Central African Sub-region. Furthermore, GTG is increasingly gaining reputation in building local capacity in the applications of geospatial technologies and use of remotely sensed data for natural resources surveys, exploitation and management.